Arbos joins the Circular Economy Network

In the words of Sergio Paolin, CEO of Arbos: “We wanted to send another strong signal of our genuine green identity by joining the Italian branch of the Circular Economy Network”. It is important to note that 74.3 billion Euros (almost 40% of the funding that Italy will receive from Europe to support the post-pandemic economic recovery) will be allocated to the “green transition”.

The circular economy will be one of the 4 areas of action, alongside sustainable mobility, land protection and building renovation.

The circular economy can essentially be defined as “the economy of recycling”, or how to reuse “waste” to produce new and useful objects.
Objects with the same practical use and attraction as those produced with virgin materials, but imbued with the added value of an ethical component: that is to say, a choice to make responsible use of our planet’s resources.

Just one set of figures from ISTAT is sufficient to highlight the urgent need to direct our economy, and indeed our whole way of life, towards more sustainable models.
In 2018, the Italian economy put 642 Mt of materials into its production system, while producing 170 Mt of waste in the same year!

As Sergio Paolin explained: “The Circular Economy Network is the main reference point at national level in the drive for transition towards a circular economy. Arbos will be able to contribute ideas based on our unique experience of over 30 years in business, producing objects for our daily lives made entirely from recycled materials.”

line of products made from recycled paper derived from waste sorting

line of products made from Ricuoio

line of products made from Ristoffa