changes it look and makes investments on the Internet

We have always believed that innovation and creativity were among the elements that could most influence the positive performance of a company, and that is why, over the year, Arbos has always focused on the collaboration with the world of art and design by starting projects that, even after some time, have proved to be far sighted and enlightened.

We started to think that the old site was no longer enough and that we needed to open a channel that would give us more interactive communication with our customers and all those people who may be intrigued by our products and our business philosophy.

This is why the website was developed. It was driven by a very clear fundamental choice; we needed to simplify to highlight our products and what we have created throughout the years as much as possible. With this in mind, we created a website with clear, clean and intuitive graphics, high-quality navigability and immediate content.

Arbos brand products, the Arbos Promotional products line and the Private Label are now quickly and clearly communicated thanks to the possibility to be addressed to each section of their home page, where the customising of all our products is immediately apparent; it is also important to note that the products can be customised according to the needs of each customer.

At the same time, we decided to get closer to our customers by enhancing our corporate channels on social networks. In fact, we have opened a Facebook account, a twitter profile, a google plus page and an instagram account reserved to the images of our products.

Times are changing and Arbos is expanding. We are focusing on the future with new and positive momentum.