ArbosStory: 9 international designers design the ArbosLuce line

Ti vedo non ti vedo  arbos

In 1997, very few people talk about eco-design and sustainability, but even at the time Arbos had very clear focus on recycling and design. At the forefront of research and testing of new relations between the light and the paper, we embarked on a journey that led to the creation of the ArbosLuce line, a collection of lamps made from recycled paper.

Coordinator of the project was the Japanese designer Kosei Shirotani who, along with 9 other design professionals from 5 different countries, gave rise to this collection. The 10 lamps explore the potential of plastics and recycled paper materials by exalting their chromatic features.

The ArbosLuce collection has been reviewed by all the major international design magazines and hosted in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad; it is now witness to the great constructive potentials that can come from the fruitful relationship between the worlds of design and production.