Buffetti. Watchword: sustainability

Today, more and more companies are setting themselves the goal of being greener.

But what does it mean to be a sustainable company?

The Buffetti Group, a leading office supply company with more than 800 outlets nationwide, has defined a number of concrete objectives in its investment plan.

Among other initiatives, the most ambitious goal is to reduce plastics from its products by 90% by 2025 and to develop the use of recycled materials in its collections.

In an interview, Buffetti chairman Rinaldo Ocleppo stated ‘When we launched this project, I was surprised by the support that our people showed with genuine enthusiasm. This choice will also have practical consequences in the choice of suppliers, who will have to guarantee us a certain green standard, and at the distribution level, because only those who really embrace our project will be able to convey it to the public.”

For Arbos to be involved as a partner in this project is a significant recognition of our 30 years of experience in the eco world.
The ‘I love green’ line is the result of this important collaboration; an authentically green collection under the Buffetti brand that expresses the taste, quality and reliability that the historic brand has always represented.

Distributed through its own network of shops, ‘I love green’ is a line of refined, ecological and 100% made in Italy products. Quaderni, notes, cartelline, raccoglitori e molto altro; prodotti sostenibili pensati per il lavoro, la scuola, il regalo. Discover the entire collection in the portfolio

The creation of this line proves once again that it is possible to create highly aesthetic products that are at the same time environmentally friendly. An ambitious commitment to a better future for us and the planet.

Buffetti ecological products

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