Ocean the sea-saving notebook

On the occasion of International Mediterranean Sea Day on 8 July, Arbos presents Ocean, an ambitious new circular economy project.

An absolutely innovative product in the Italian stationery sector:Ocean, the sea-saving notebook.
The notebook’s original cover is made of recycled plastic waste from cleaning rivers; the pages are made of 100% post consumer recycled paper.
The Arbos production philosophy based on the use of recycled materials thus marks a further step towards an ever more consistent logic of eco-sustainability.

It’s easy to say recycling…

The Mediterranean Sea is not in good health.
According to Ispra, more than 70% of waste is deposited on the Italian seabed and 77% of this is plastic, which not only pollutes but is also ingested by marine species.
Unfortunately, the recycling of plastic collected at sea is difficult to implement; chemical deterioration due to the combined action of salt and sunlight makes it practically impossible to recycle it and release it back into the production system as a second raw material.
That is why it is crucial to intercept plastic before it reaches the sea.

The idea of the Ocean project originated in 2020 when the Italian B Corp community took action to promote the recovery of plastic in rivers before it ends up in the sea.
The companies have committed to implementing specific projects, each in its field of activity.
This is where Arbos set up the Ocean notebook project by networking the entire supply chain, starting with the plastic waste processors, to make the material used for the cover. This is a choral circular economy project, the first of such comprehensiveness in the stationery sector

Ocean is therefore more than just a product: it is a demonstration of how collaboration between companies, in an open economy logic, can give rise to projects of common benefit and great value.

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