Venice and Mantua: culture chooses green

Arbos once again this year renews its commitment to support the world of culture with 2 important initiatives. After the long period of suspension, the world of culture returns to offering meetings and initiatives in presence, thus promoting exchange and confrontation between people, on topics concerning history, culture, but also current affairs, with a great focus on the environment.


The 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies organised by the Italian Association of Byzantine Studies and the International Association of Byzantine Studies in collaboration and with the support of Ca’ Foscari University Venice and the University of Padua was held in Venice from 22 to 27 August 2022.

It was a unique event for the quantity and quality of the scholars involved and of global relevance for the nationalities participating, including representatives from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Sorbonne.

A six-day event that involved more than 1,000 participants from 50 countries around the world who collected their ideas and notes in Arbos notebooks made of recycled leather and recycled paper, specially designed for the event.


The 26th edition of Mantova’s Festivaletteratura, Italy’s most prestigious literary festival, will take place from 7 to 11 September. An international benchmark event which, after two editions in which it responded to the health emergency with creativity, is taking over the streets and squares of the city again this year.

Squares that this year the Festival wants to open up more than in the past to the participation of readers. Popular initiative bills, projects for possible schools, censuses of other living species for a new environmental pact, construction of temporary playgrounds: these are some of the initiatives in which all the thousands of participants will be actively involved.

In addition to the presence of important names in Italian literature, the 2022 edition marks the return of the most prestigious interpreters of international literature.

Once again this year, the Festival confirms its focus on sustainability by promoting, among other initiatives, the use of a recycled paper notebook created by Arbos for the event.
A notebook where writers, journalists and reading enthusiasts can record the most exciting moments of their participation in this unmissable event of Italian culture.