Mecum Draft: the Italian notebook with a story inside

MECUMdraft is a tribute to the genius, Giambattista Bodoni the greatest typographers of all times as well as the inventor of what is widely considered the most elegant of fonts, the Bodoni.
The homage is done both by using the font and binding the notebook with the technique invented by the typographer and named after him: “bodonian” binding.

MECUMdraft: a notebook that is as innovative as the great Bodoni was: it provides 30% more space than normal notebooks, a completely flat opening for improved ease of writing and the exclusive patented pen holder bookmark.

Naturally, true to Arbos’ tradition, MECUMdraft is environmentally sustainable (98% is made of recycled materials: 100% recycled paper pages and recycled leather cover) and socially responsible (entirely produced in Italy in full compliance with environmental and employment legislation).

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