Re-Use by Antonio Scarponi – the ecological and creative “notes-system”

Re-Use is the only ecological and creative “notes-system”. Re-Use consists of 2 types of binders that all take the standard A4 size paper. The binding exploits the universal punching system of the two-hole punches commonly found in offices.
Re-Use is made entirely from recycled materials: recycled leather (ricuoio®) and Ecolabel (European symbol of environmental quality) certified ecological paper.
Re-Use stimulates creativity to invent new ways of reusing materials and products. Its system-based design goes beyond the logic of the usual organizers (which impose non-standard formats), so that you can fully personalize your notepad.
The Re-Use cover has been deliberately made with a two-ring mechanism so that you can add inserts of your own design.

Download and print the 2022 planner

This weekly planner can be printed on the blank side of recycled A4 sheets. It works with A5 and A6 size.

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