Quaderni/Disegni – Masterpieces, in the form of notebooks

“Quaderni/Disegni” is an evolution of the “Quaderno” conceived by Mala Arti Visive in 1994. The “Quaderni/Disegni” project has so far involved 6 top contemporary art galleries in Italy and other countries which, in turn, have selected 6 artists and invited them to design the cover of a notebook. “Quaderni/Disegni” is, therefore, a collection of masterpieces in the form of notebooks.
The aim of the project is to bring people in touch with the world of contemporary art and the thoughts of its protagonists; and to bring them alive every day while you write or draw or make travel notes; or jot down recipes or do homework; or simply scribble a shopping list. These are no ordinary decorated covers, but little masterpieces in their own right, a line of notebooks all to be written in and collected.
Over the next few years, more museums and artists will take part to increase the involvement of international contemporary art which is represented, during this initial stage, by the Villa Stuck museum in Munich.
This project, which is unique in Europe, develops upon Arbos’ desire to bring together the worlds of business and culture.

The following artists and organisations are involved in the project:

Terzo Paradiso/ Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto› Biella
Mariangela Levita/ Museo Madre› Napoli
M+M/ Museum Villa Stuck› München
Mala Arti Visive/ Biennale del Disegno› Rimini
Gabriela Oberkofler/ Museion› Bolzano
Alessandra Spranzi/ Museo MAGA› Gallarate

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