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(Italiano) Si è inaugurata venerdì scorso a Bassano del Grappa la mostra su Adriano Olivetti, imprenditore illuminato, innovatore delle scienze sociali e precursore dell’architettura e del design.


We are artisans, with many projects in our heads. For several years, part of our profits has been destined to culture, art, and to all those initiatives that we believe […]

open days arbos grazie

During the Open days we had the chance to meet and talk with many paper enthusiasts: both those who had known us for a long time, although not personally, and […]

Arbos opens its doors! June 10th, 17th and 24th 2017 Three Saturdays to immerse yourself in the world of paper and recycled materials: see the equipment and discover how these […]

Beautifully displayed inside the bookshop of the MUSE is the range of environmentally friendly stationery dedicated to the Museum and made by Arbos.

I quadernini in carta ecologica Arbos

Arbos’ 2015 is an explosion of colours and materials that have resulted in new collections of notebooks, inspired by ecology, graphics, design and irony.

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